Manjari Set Small Posters (set of 4)


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The inclination to be solely attached to serving Śrī Rādhā is described in Vilāpa-kusumāñjali (16): pādābjayos tava vinā vara-dāsyam eva nānyat kadāpi samaye kila devi yāce
sakhyāya te mama namo ’stu namo ’stu nityaṁ dāsyāya te mama raso ’stu raso ’stu satyam O Devī {Goddess}, I have no desire other than for the topmost attainment of servitude to Your lotus feet. I forever offer obeisances to the position of being Your sakhī, but may I remain firmly attached to being Your maidservant. I speak this as a solemn vow. Śrī Bhajana-rahasya (5.18)

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