Damodara-Lila Large Poster (46cm x 61cm)


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I worship the Supreme Ishvara, Sri Krsna, whose form is sac-cid-ananda, whose makara- shaped earrings swing and play upon His cheeks, who is supremely splendrous in the transcendental dhaama of Gokula, who, due to breaking the yogurt pot, is very fearful of Mother Yashodaa and jumping down from the wooden grinding mortar quickly runs away, and who, chased by Yashodaa, who hastily runs after Him, is ultimately caught from behind.
I worship that Damodara who, afraid of the stick in His mother’s hand, cries and time and again rubs His eyes with both His lotus hands, whose eyes express extreme fearfulness, whose sobbing makes the jewelled and pearl necklaces upon His neck marked with three lines shake, and whose belly is bound only by His mother’s devotion. Sri Damodarastakam Text 1-2

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