The Book of Dharma


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The Book of Dharma, by Simon Haas, discloses the elusive Dharma Code, and age-old system for making enlightened choices and fulfilling our highest potential. Formerly intended for kings and queens and guarded by them this knowledge was deliberately concealed, and passed down in secrecy in a sacred tradition for millennia. Think back. What we remember most clearly about our life are our successes and our failures, the times of excellence and of foolishness. The outcomes we experience in our life are no accident: they reflect the quality of our choices. To help us make good choices, the sages devised the Dharma Code.

Simon Haas is a teacher of yoga philosophy who specialises in applying ancient wisdom to everyday life. From the age of 13, he began studying the sacred writings of India and spent ten years living in temples and monasteries in India.

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