Maharsi Durvasa and – Sri Durvasa Asrama


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By Śrī Śrīmad Bhaktivedānta Nārāyaṇa Gosvāmī Mahārāja.

The intriguing pastimes of Durvāsā Muni – he who cursed Ambarīṣa Mahārāja, he who blessed Śrīmatī Rādhikā, he who incensed the residents of Dvārakā, he who was charmed by Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma – are bound to captivate all. This booklet, containing sixteen engaging narrations of the history of Maharṣi Durvāsā, is written in simple, story-tale style. In this way, it easily lends itself to drama and art and is sure to be a source of family delight.

48 pages / 4.75″ x 6.75″ / Soft Cover. Single copy.

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