Camatkara Candrika Large Poster (46cm x 61cm)


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One day, Sri Radha was in deep mana (sulky mood). Although Sri Krsna brought Her gifts, praised Her and tried to pacify Her in every way possible, nothing He did had any effect. At last He went to see Kundalata, to consult with her privately about what to do. After discussing the situation with Kundalata, He disguised Himself as a beautiful young girl. He donned young girl’s clothing and jewellery, and assumed a voice so sweet and enchanting that it put the melodious song of the cuckoo to shame. In this way, He went with Kundalata to the house of Jatila, His jewelled ankle-bells tinkling softly as He walked. Sri Radha was in the company of Her sakhis. The moment Sri Radha set Her doe-like eyes upon this extraordinarily attractive young woman approaching in the distance with Kundalataa, Her mind became completely enchanted.” Śrī Camatkāra-candrikā Text 1-3

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